Chris Penny
Chris PennyPresident & Founder
Chris Penny, founder and president of Broken Crayon, is an advocate for youth and young adults. Chris believes that every young person deserves a chance to succeed in life. He formed Broken Crayon to help break children break through the cycle of poverty. He believes that this can be accomplished by providing education, leadership training, and instilling an entrepreneurship mindset at a young age.

Chris has more than 20 years of business experience. This includes leadership positions at a Fortune 500 company, a start-up, and a successful small business. He is a graduate of Baylor University, and is currently working on his EMBA from MIT’s Sloan School of Business. Chris is happily married with two young daughters. He is on the Board of Directors for Promise House, which is a Dallas based non-profit that embraces homeless, runaway and at-risk youth, giving them needed support, encouragement and hope to live a better life.

Andy Pechacek
Andy PechacekCo-Founder & Executive Director
As an experienced business executive with a strong history of leading organizational success and a dedication to improving the lives of children and families across the globe, Andy Pechacek, brings 30+ years of experience to his role as co-founder and Executive Director of Broken Crayon. With a passion on advocacy, increasing awareness, and reducing risk factors for children and families, Andy has been involved with numerous philanthropic endeavors. These include drilling water wells in Africa to providing resources for women who have escaped the sex trade industry. Throughout his career Andy has focused on giving back and making a positive impact on the lives he has touched. He believes that education can help anyone achieve their dreams.
With a Master’s in Business Administration, from MIT, Andy has founded multiple businesses. Andy also obtained a B.S. in Accounting from Oral Roberts University. He enjoys spending time with his wife, Nancy, and his three sons. Andy is professionally affiliated with several organizations that primarily focus on education

Every little dollar and cent counts.

And after a while those dollars and cents start to add up.

Our Valuable Team Members

Carrie B. Wager
Carrie B. WagerDirector External Programs, Founding Board Member
Carrie Wager, a founding board member of Broken Crayon, has a humble passion to aid children most in need. Carrie in her role of Chief of Staff, Pfizer Medical, leads senior-level operations for the office of the Chief Medical Officer. She is a thought partner for a variety of Pfizer Medical strategic priorities and special projects. Carrie also is focused on maximizing the impact of Pfizer’s relationships in the medical community.
Carrie is a graduate of Miami University, obtained her PhD from the University of Utah, and is currently obtaining her Masters of Business Administration from MIT. Carrie is an avid runner, and has raised money for various charities by competing in the Boston and New York marathons. Carrie is married and has two beautiful daughters that she enjoys spending time outdoors with.
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Carl Dey
Carl DeyDirector of Operations - Ghana, Founding Board Member
Carl Dey, Board Member & Director of Operations – Ghana, was born and grew up in Ghana, West Africa. His late father, Carlos Sylvanus Dey had a heart for orphans and the underprivileged in society. Carlos believed that to truly love and change their destiny it must start by positively impacting the children. It must start with loving, training and empowering the children through love, skills, and opportunity. Carlos Dey passed that dream and vision to his son (Carl) and that has taken root in Ghana.
Carl Dey came to the USA as a young man to attend college. While learning to live in a new culture, Carl worked and went to school full time and completed his Bachelors and Masters degree (MBA) in a little over 4 years from the University of Texas at Arlington. After school, Carl worked in corporate America for a short period and was involved with mentoring students in the United States. He is an asset to many kids where his American corporate experience brings a practical aspect to teaching and learning. Carl returned to Ghana in 2010 to work on his passion of inspiring a generation of children to dream beyond their circumstances.
This is only the backdrop that frames Carl Dey, an exceptional and outstanding individual in many respects. While Carl was full out committed to his work and education, his heart remained focused on the bigger picture. He spoke often of how necessary it is to lift up the people, especially the children to help them dream beyond their imagination. With this goal in mind and while still in school, Carl organized and led many mission trips with people of very diverse backgrounds to Ghana.
Carl also established, helped organize and later became the chairman of the board of a memorial foundation with the goal of building educational and training institutions for the underprivileged in Ghana and Africa. As the leader of a non-profit foundation he was responsible for all aspects of the organization including fund raising, community outreach, mission trips etc. Carl managed all of these tasks and more while pursuing his career and his MBA.
His goal has remained the same for many years. He wants to help deprived people improve their world. Carl will give his all to learn, to teach, to study, to improve conditions and processes around him. His commitment to excellence, his experience in non-profit and international corporations, and his education in business is an asset to Broken Crayon.
Carl is in his final months of his Doctorate degree in Global Supply Chain management and wants to continue to inspire a hurting generation of young kids to dream beyond their circumstances. Carl oversees all of Broken Crayon efforts in Ghana.
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Angela Bishop
Angela BishopCompliance Director, Founding Board Member
Angela Bishop, board member of Broken Crayon, started her career as a teacher before becoming a lawyer and entrepreneur. Most of her career has been associated in the field of education. Angela is passionate about economic empowerment, and helping children with disabilities reach their potential.

Angela obtained her JD from the University of Texas. Angela is an avid runner and enjoys spending time with her daughters.

Todd Huber
Todd HuberDirector of Strategic Endeavors, Founding Board Member
Todd Huber, a founding board member of Broken Crayon, is passionate about empowering the world’s most vulnerable. Todd brings a technical and leadership background along with a wealth of field experience volunteering for worldwide organizations addressing conditions of extreme poverty. Highlights include working in remote regions of Nepal, India, Kenya, the Middle East and Southeast Asia with initiatives to mitigate human suffering. He believes in strategic approaches that confront the causes of systemic poverty and scale through the innovative ideas of those most effected by those systems.